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Rockyview Gas Co-op operates and maintains its own natural gas distribution system, serving Rocky View County and parts of the Mountain View and Wheatland Counties. If you are new to our franchise area or have questions regarding billing and bill payment, please do hesitate to contact us.


Rockyview Gas Co-op is a member-owned natural gas utility co-operative – we are locally-owned and operated.  The locally-elected board governs the utility on behalf of the co-op members.  We operate on a non-profit basis, any funds generated are re-invested back into the utility to operate or improve the gas system. (there are no dividends or profits paid out).  This allows us to be responsive to the very community we serve, and allows the people living in our community to have a say on their rates and fees.  The rates are set annually by our Board and include the direct cost of gas as well as fixed and variable fees.  

Co-op gas distributors have both the obligation and exclusive right to supply natural gas to customers in their franchise area.  From this legal obligation and exclusive right, for-profit, competitive retailers are not permitted to sell natural gas in co-op franchises.  The local utility is the retailer and flows-through gas costs to the consumer.  The gas costs come from Gas Alberta (see Gas Alberta below) on a monthly basis.

Through Gas Alberta’s gas procurement process, monthly rates are usually lower than competitive retailers’ fixed price options.  Since November 2018, the average end-use consumer of a Federation Member Utility has saved approximately $1,200 through Gas Alberta’s rates as compared to the average of fixed rate options over the same period.  

Gas Alberta – Gas Alberta is owned by the majority of Member Utilities of the Federation of Alberta Gas Co-ops Ltd. of which Rockyview Gas Co-0p is a member.  It is Gas Alberta’s mandate to purchase natural gas supply from the market for these utilities at rates lower than the regulated natural gas retailers.

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.Prior to the start of each month, Gas Alberta designs a natural gas rate (on a $ per GigaJoule (GJ) basis) to cover its estimated gas costs to supply Federation utilities for the upcoming month (to see current and past Gas Alberta rates: Gas Rates in Alberta). This monthly pooled rate is then forwarded to the utilities to charge their customers. This rate is affected by market forces. As the market price for natural gas increases or decreases, so does the cost of gas for residents and businesses.

On top of the monthly pooled rate, Gas Alberta charges to the utilities a small variable rate to cover the costs of administration and goods and services relating to the safe and reliable supply of natural gas to consumers.

The Co-op and Community gas utilities may charge additional fees to cover the costs of administering, operating, and maintaining the gas utility and supply:

Fixed Delivery Charge The fixed delivery charge (or Monthly Service Charge) is designed to recover the costs that do not vary with consumption of gas including administration, design/installation of pipelines and meters. These show up on a bill as a single line item and the dollar value may not change from month to month.

Variable Delivery Charge  The variable delivery charge is designed to recover the costs that vary with consumption of gas. These are principally related to capital and operating costs, including labour, materials and supplies. The utility may break this out on a bill separate from the cost of gas or included as part of a gas consumption line item. The cost will vary dependent on how much natural gas a customer consumes in a given month. (i.e. a $3/GJ gas rate, plus a $1/GJ variable rate = $4/GJ. If that customer uses 10 GJ of gas in a month, their consumption charge would be $40 that month.)



We complete aviation meter reads on or around the 2nd of each month.  This is completed utilizing datalogging which provides us with the meter reading at the end of each billing cycle (8:00 am on the 1st).  Our bills are then processed and distributed within five working days of the 1st.

Payments can be made by mail (cheque), at any Alberta bank, or through electronic banking.  We are registered as a Payee for electronic bill payments as ROCKYVIEW GAS CO-OP (‘Rockyview’ must be spelled as one word to find it in the list of Payees). We also offer pre-authorized auto-debit as a payment option.  The payments for Auto-debit accounts are withdrawn on the 15th of each month.  Please note Auto-Debit cannot be used with credit cards.

Credit card payments are also accepted, please use the OptionPay link to enter your credit card information, there is a fee to use this service.

We also offer e-billing. This option saves paper and you will receive your bill the same day that it is generated via e-mail 

To sign up, please fill out the form 

The payment due date is the 28th of each month.  PLEASE NOTE: Payments must be received in our office on or before the due date to avoid late charges. Telephone/Online Banking can take up to 5 business days. If payment is not received on the due date it may not show as paid on the next bill posted.


RVGC Member gas contracts are based upon the information found on your land title; therefore name(s) on the account must match that of the land title.

To set up the natural gas account, please contact the office with the legal land description of the property, names on the land title, mailing address, and possession date. To finalize member and account set up, the gas contract must be filled out and signed properly and all applicable fees paid.  The fees for new member/account sign up include a surety (security) deposit (if applicable), transfer fee plus tax, and a membership fee. The fees will be included on the first utility bill and contracts are required no later than 28 days after they are sent to the member to avoid gas service interruption. 

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