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Cost-effective, Reliable Energy Source

Our mission is to operate as a safe and reliable natural gas distribution system and supply clean-burning natural gas to the rural members/customers at a fair and reasonable cost.

Higher Gas Bills – Update

You have probably noticed that your gas bill is higher than usual.  We understand that higher natural gas bills can be complicating and we are with you in this.  Check our our ENERGY SAVING TIPS for easy and low-cost ways to reduce energy consumption.

Your natural gas bill is made of three components:

  • Federal Fuel Charge
  • Operating charges to provide the utility service
  • Cost of Energy

Federal Fuel Charge:  The Federal Fuel Charge is collected based on natural gas usage.  This is commonly called the “Carbon Tax” and more information can be found on the government website at

Operating Charges:  Rockyview Gas Co-op provides the utility service to our member/customers.

Cost of Energy:  Consumption increases when it gets colder, and with unseasonably cold temperatures recently we have seen near record high levels of gas use.

Energy prices have been higher in recent months than in previous years.   Our natural gas supplier, Gas Alberta, continues to provide competitive gas prices. The chart below shows the forecast monthly gas price lower than the 5-year “locked-in” rate by some Energy Retailers. For additional information visit the Gas Alberta website  /  Gas Rates in Alberta

Promoting rural development

As a public utility, RVGC plays an important role in the civic improvement and social and economic development of rural communities within our franchise area. We are a member of the Federation of Alberta Gas Co-ops, the largest rural gas system in the world. Together with other member utilities, RVGC works to provide rural Alberta with a dependable source of energy to power their day-to-day activities.

Our Services

We handle all services related to natural gas, from pipeline construction and meter installation, to billing and collection. Our staff are on-call 24 hours every day to respond to gas odour, carbon monoxide leaks and other emergencies.



Our staff are on-call 24 hours every day to respond to gas odour, carbon monoxide leaks, hit lines and other emergencies.



Rockyview Gas Co-op operates and maintains its own natural gas distribution system, serving Rocky View County and parts of the Mountain View and Wheatland Counties. If you are new to our franchise area or have questions regarding billing and bill payment, please do hesitate to contact us.

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