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The Rockyview Gas Co-op Story

In December 1973, our originating members saw a need in Alberta’s rural areas for a reliable, cost-effective energy source. Thus, Rockyview Gas Co-op (RVGC) was established, with the purpose of supporting the rural agricultural community by providing the safe, affordable, and reliable energy to support the amenities and facilities they needed to stimulate and support the economic and social progress of the area.

Today, RVGC builds, operates, and maintains its own natural gas distribution system, powering hundreds of rural households, as well as agricultural and commercial businesses in our franchise area. We serve over 1,700 members in Rocky View county as well as parts of the Mountain View and Wheatland counties.



The objectives of RVGC, as stated in the Memorandum of Association filed in December 1973, include:

  1. The purchase of natural gas.
  2. The construction and operation of pipeline distribution system for supplying natural gas to the members of the association.
  3. The sale and distribution of natural gas to the members of the association.


The objectives remain the same today in our mission statement:  “To operate as a safe and reliable natural gas distribution system and supply clean-burning natural gas to the rural members/customers at a fair and reasonable cost.”


Rockyview Gas Co-op is a member of the Federation of Alberta Gas Co-ops. Together with other member utilities, the Federation forms the largest rural gas system in the world. The Federation’s main function is to provide co-operatives with centralized services to support the utility and the members. A member benefit is provided through Co-operators Insurance.

From around a kitchen table and on the end-gate of trucks in fields, Alberta’s rural community banded together to create natural gas co-operatives. 50 years later, their legacy lives on in the Federation of Alberta Gas Co-ops Ltd. and all its Member Utilities – the largest rural natural gas distribution system in the world. We are proud to share this story:  The FedGas Story –  Federation: A Story of Gas Co-ops

Gas co-ops not only improved rural Alberta’s economy and kept the money in local communities, but it has always been centred on the idea that the utility and its employees are a part of the community..  Check out this short video on keeping it local: We know the Service Tech.

Frequently asked questions


Rockyview Gas Co-op is a Member Owned utility company that sells natural gas to a rural franchised area.  A co-op operates for the benefit of its members.  Members meet annually to elect a board consisting of 9 directors.  The Directors in turn, hire management to manage the day-to-day affairs in a way that serves the members’ interests.  Unlike investor owned utilities, profits go back into the Co-op.

The $1 Membership Fee that is applied to your first gas bill entitles you to have your voice heard in the Rockyview  Gas Co-op organization.  Your Membership allows you to participate and vote at the RVGC AGM and any special meetings that are called; thereby allowing you the opportunity to be involved in the future of Rockyview Gas Co-op.  If you are a member in good standing, your Membership also allows you the privilege of being elected to the Board of Directors for the Rockyview Gas Co-op. This share is not marketable.

The Rockyview Gas Co-op franchise area ranges west as far as Madden, north to Highway 580, east to the Beiseker airport and south of Airdrie to the Calgary boundary.  This area was established in 1973 and allows the Rockyview Gas Co-op to provide natural gas service to the rural members.  The de-regulization of natural gas did not affect the natural gas co-operatives and investor owned utilities are not allowed to provide service within the co-operative’s franchise area.

Rockyview Gas Co-op purchases natural gas from Gas Alberta Inc, which is owned by all of the Gas Co-ops in Alberta.  The gas rate as shown on your monthly gas bill is the bare cost of natural gas.  The gas rate is affected by supply and demand and is set monthly by Gas Alberta.


Natural gas leak has common signs, including rotten egg scent, hissing sounds and bubbles in water puddles near underground gas pipes. If you see any of these signs, call us immediately.

Natural gas is odourless. A harmless gas called mercaptan is added to natural gas to make it smell like rotten eggs (or sulphur), so you would know if there’s a leak. Smoke alarms and carbon monoxide alarms can’t detect a gas leak, but your nose can. 


All of our meters are equipped with ERTs (Encoded Receiver Transmitter), which is a device that records and transmits meter readings. We gather the readings aerially each month.

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